Looking at Siberia, it is a vast, vast wasteland and I don't see that changing in the next 100 years.

The villages and cities of Siberia are well on their way to getting Internet access in the modern day and I can easily see them being fully integrated with the Global Data Net by 2090.  However, there is vast amounts of territory between these cities, towns, and villages.

For example, it is around 300km from the famous Popigai Crater and the "nearby" town of Khatanga.  That is a lot of empty space.  

With a cell signal reaching up to 70km under optimal conditions, it would take around 850 cell towers to cover all of Siberia with bare-bones coverage.  However, given the terrain, it will likely be closer to 5000 towers.  

The best solution that I can think of is autonomous "Global Net Access Towers" or GNATs.  Each GNAT is a self contained cell repeater that is 80% battery storage that is designed to look like a pine tree.  The "needles" are a mixture of antenna and solar cells.  GNATs are designed to be dropped by planes to seed an area.  Once they land, they will right themselves and then embed their "roots"  into the ground.

I see Russia, and later the PLA, seeding large swathes of Siberia with GNATs.  The ability to operate drones via the 'net for mineral exploration alone would justify the cost.

In game terms, much of Siberia, when away from the towns and cities will have the Aspect "Poor Net Coverage".