A month or so ago, during a game of Squadron Strike, my opponent had his ship do a 180 degrees flip.  When he went to allocate his shots, he was surprised to learn that in addition to flipping 180 degrees, his ship had also rolled 90 degrees.

PETA wants Warhammer 40K figures to stop wearing fur.

What the fuck?

These are metal and plastic models set in an imaginary universe where the number one wall/floor/codpiece decoration is a human skull.

And PETA is worried that some of the models are depicted as wearing fur?

When designing a hex map coordinate system for software, I had a few design criteria in mind.

1) Had to handle any point in space regardless of direction and distance from the origin point.

2) Easy to determine Horizontal direction and distance between two point. 

3) Easy to program.

One of the challenges of writing programs for Hex maps is coming up with a coordinate system.   

Pocket Avid uses two related coordinate systems: The ABC system and the AF system.  The ABC system is used internally for calculations as it is computer friendly.  The AF system is used for human interaction as it is more intuitive to write the coordinates in AF notation.

Looking at Siberia, it is a vast, vast wasteland and I don't see that changing in the next 100 years.

The villages and cities of Siberia are well on their way to getting Internet access in the modern day and I can easily see them being fully integrated with the Global Data Net by 2090.  However, there is vast amounts of territory between these cities, towns, and villages.

I'm not a big fan of "crafting" in RPGs.  I've seen way too much abuse of crafting rules over the years.  Unfortunately, in some genres, such as cyberpunk, crafting is needed in certain areas.  There are many cyberpunk stories where a character has written their own software.

I've starting working on a new RPG campaign for Friday Night group #1.  They are currently playing through Out of the Abyss fo D&D.  Once we complete that campaign, we'll be moving on to Interface Zero using the FATE Core system.