I've had a few people message me about my stepping back from politics for a while. The general gist of the messages was that I was a sore loser that can't handle the other side winning.

It is that last part that is key and what I believe is one of the fundamental problems with our society. People are treating politics like sports teams. "Our side is right", "The Other side is wrong", "Party Loyalty", etc...

What I am seeing happening right now matches really close to what happens after a sporting event when two teams have extremely dedicated fan-bases. It isn't enough for these fans that they saw a good match as they often tie their self-worth to the success or failure of their chosen team. They also tie the worth of other people to the team that they chose.

I refuse to go down this route with politics. I don't pick teams, I pick stances on individual issues.

I didn't vote for Mr. Trump because I think that he is a horrid human being. But, by the skin of his teeth, he won the EC vote. He is going to be President come 2017.

I'm not going to disagree with every policy proposal that he puts forth as President just because I loathe him. I'll look at each policy and make a case-by-case assessment and take action as appropriate. (And based on many of policy proposals that he has put forth during the campaign, I'm going to have an ACLU donation number on speed-dial)

However, right now, many folks are caught up in the sports team mentality and are throwing monkey-shit at each other.

And for the record, only 3 items out of 20 on the ballot went opposite of how I voted. As I've stated before, it is the local and state races that will have a bigger impact on ones quality of life.