I've seen lots of chatter lately on my Facebook feed about the Wikileaks vs Mr. Trump's tax leak.


While both bits of information were obtained by less than legal means does not mean we should treat them the same way.


The Trump campaign has not disavowed the leaked documents. Additionally, they were only 2 pages and could easily be examined for tampering.


One the other hand, the Clinton campaign has refused to authenticate the Wikileaks emails as being authentic and unaltered. I really don't blame them as there are thousands of emails that would have to be compared to the originals, a task that could take months.


Wikileaks is interesting. One the one hand, it is a safety value on "the powers that be" desire to keep secrets from the public. On the other hand, it is easy to slip in a "poison pill" hidden within thousands of otherwise legit documents.


Without verification of the leaks, we really shouldn't take anything published by Wikileaks at face-value. Remember that when the Snowden files were released, they were not really taken serious until Mr. Snowden stepped forward to vouch for them.


The Clinton campaign emails should have the same degree of skepticism. Until someone vouches for them, we should take them with a grain of salt.