Wow, this election has turned weird. True, it has been pretty damn weird for a while, but I would never have guessed that instead of debating policy issues or experience that the campaigns are fighting over who has sexually assaulted/molested the most women 4 weeks before the election.


This isn't really the sort of fight that Mr. Trump can win. He has spent years cultivating his womanizer image and now it is biting him in the arse. Ms. Clinton, on the other hand, is pretty much keeping quiet and using Ms. Obama as the attack surrogate.


So on the Right we have a man who has bragged over the years of various sexually-related exploits, sometimes in pretty vulgar terms, who is on his third wife and has the lowest favorability rating (35.6%) of any modern candidate.


On the Left is a very popular First Lady with a high favorability rating (65%) that is pretty much scandal-free. Whatever the US public might think of her husband's policies and politics, there is pretty much no denying that they are the model of the "atomic" family. It is difficult to call Ms. Obama a hypocrite when she attacks Mr. Trump's behavior.


Yeah, it isn't going to end well for Mr. Trump.


At this point, about the only way to make things even stranger would be for Mr. Trump to throw a punch at Ms. Clinton at the next debate.