New term that I hate: Politically Correct.


It has become a dismissive phrase, much like the term "Common Sense". While it use can add to a debate, often its usage is to dismiss arguments and positions as if the declaration of something to be "politically correct" is sufficient to dismiss it from the debate.


The main reason that I hate the term is that it is only half an argument. People are quick to decry something as "Politically Correct" but rarely do they consider what should be simply "correct".


For example, I was recently looking at the game Saloon Tycoon. I noted that the game was gender-balanced. There were an equal number of men and women characters in the game and each panel of art on the outside of the box also featured an equal number of men and women.


A person I was with then commented that the game company only did that to be "Politically Correct".


So, if the game company only did it to be "Politically Correct", what should they have done to simply be "Correct"?