Mr. Trump had an uptick in the bizarre over the weekend.


There was his complaints about the Colorado Springs Fire Marshal on Friday followed by complaints about the debate schedule Friday night. In both cases he claimed that it was a ploy by supporters of Ms. Clinton to put him at a disadvantage.


In the Colorado Springs incident, the Trump campaign booked too small of a venue and oversold the tickets. Instead of turning it into a positive, Mr. Trump tried linking the mess to how things are in Washington and claimed that the Fire Marshal was a secret Clinton supporter.


The Fire Marshal has been a registered Republican for 23 years and was recently awarded "Citizen of the Year" by Colorado Springs.


And then news broke of Mr Trump being upset about the debate schedule. He complained that because 2 of the debates occur at the same time as NFL games, the debate commission was rigging the debates in favor of Ms. Clinton. He even further claimed to have a letter from the NFL stating 'This is ridiculous'. When the NFL stated that they never sent Mr. Trump a letter, the Trump campaign responded with "it is just semantics".


I'm trying to figure out what Mr. Trump is after by complaining about the debate schedule. Is he trying to force the debate commission to change the dates in order to claim a victory? Is he trying to set himself up as the underdog fighting against a "rigged" system? Is he trying to set up an escape path to justify not doing the debates?


It just seems incredibly childish to complain about a series of debates that have been setup since last September, by a non-partisan commission that has been doing this for 30 years.