The water heater did not exist when the Constitution was written.

Ponder that for a few minutes.


As we head deeper into the current political season, the Founding Fathers are going to quoted and misquoted many, many times as if their every utterance were gospel truth.

They had a lot of good ideas, some of which are still good today. They also had a lot of bad ideas, some of which are still with us today. They also disagreed with each other.

At the end of the day their ideas are just Ideas of Man and not the Word of God. They need to be re-examined, re-evaluated, and debated. What might have seemed like a good idea in 1776, may not be a good idea for 2016.

The world has changed since 1776 and the Founding Fathers were not seers. They could not predict how the world would change.

So, the next time that someone quotes John Adams, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, ect... to support their argument, just remember, they didn't have water heaters back then.