I was finally able to see Batman V Supermam.

I liked it. It had vibes of Kingdom Come and Dark Knight Returns, which are two of the greatest comics that DC has ever published.

Ben Affleck nailed Batman. This wasn't a Batman at the start of his career, but one that has been around for 20 years already. He has trust issues. He works alone. He is a control freak.


Henry Cavill still rocks as Superman. I really like this version of Superman. It is one that is trying to figure out the balance between what he can do and what he should do. The fact that Batman seems to operate with impunity in Gotham is a huge source of frustration for him.

Gal Gadot was a great Wonder Woman and I'm looking forward to her movie. Even the small details, like her drawing enjoyment from battle, were perfect.

Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor was a joy to watch and he stole every scene he was in. He was very much a "Google" style tech CEO complete with a corporate basketball court. Lex Luthor's plot was multi-layered and he didn't monologue about it. It was a proper plot with cut-outs and backup plans built into it.

There were a few issues with the movie. Protecting secret identities seem to be pointless in the DCEU. Of course, for someone with Lex Luthor's resources and intelligence, figuring out who is who shouldn't pose a real problem. However, there were a few other instances where the movie doesn't explain how characters A and B were able to ... connect.

Also, the use of flashbacks and dreams made the story a little tough to follow at times, especially the "save the cheerleader dream" that seems to be more of a setup for a future movie.

Right now, Batman Vs Superman is my favorite superhero movie.