Saw Star Trek Beyond yesterday.

Didn't like it. The plot was cliched and nosensical, the science was beyond bad, and it was boring. The only bright spot was Scotty and Jaylah.


While the lensflare generator on the Enterprise seems to have died, it took most of the lights with it. Why can't we have a bad guy's lair that is well-lit and constructed? I'm really tired of the "random hoses and pipes in near darkness" look.

Why are all of the bad guys crazy loners working in secret on a plan that could destroy the whole Federation? We've had Nero, Kahn, Marcus and now Krall.

Is it possible for the writers to construct a plot that doesn't involve the Enterprise being rendered useless?

During the entire fight scene at the end (as of course, the movie needs to conclude its conflict with a round of fisticuffs), I kept wondering why with the thousands of transporter units on the Yorktown, that they simply didn't beam Krall into a holding cell or Kirk to safety.

There was also a bit of disturbing symbolism in the movie. There were 3 female characters in the movie with speaking roles that were integral to the plot (not counting Uhura as she has script-immunity due to being an iconic Star Trek character). One betrays Kirk and dies. Another disobeys Kirk and dies. Another follows Kirk's orders and lives....